DATEM Incorporated

DATEM belongs to the list of young, dynamic and very able construction firms that raised the Philippine landscape in the early 1980’s. In 1984, a group of professionals, highly trained in construction incorporated DATEM, INC. The group envisioned a construction company that could give its clients total engineering service in terms of QUALITY, TIME and COST.

In the year 1996 DATEM ventured into a partnership with an Australian firm that has been a constant source of leading-edge design and construction innovation; Widely regarded as a leader in construction and precast technology.

The Australian firm offers encompassing services in commercial, residential and civil applications – from the fabrication and installation of formworks systems to developing new methods of construction, combines technology and expertise to deliver complete works noted for being safe, fast and cost-efficient.

From the partnership, DATEM has evolved into a general construction firm specializing in the development and application of fast and safe design and construction methods, bringing to the country the combination of experience and technology. Put together, DATEM’s office in Quezon City houses numerous management and advisory teams divided into administrative, technical support, engineering – and a large part falling to design, research and construction.

A wide range of clients allowed the firm to develop projects of a variety of natures: from low-rise residential buildings to condominiums to whole industrial parks, DATEM pushed its multi-disciplinary approaches to establish itself as a highly-diverse and equally capable firm.

DATEM Incorporated is led by Chairman, Engr. Levy V. Espiritu; President, Engr. Morris S. Agoncillo; Managing Director/COO and Corporate Secretary, Arch. Arnold P. De Asis; and Managing Director and Treasurer, Engr. Lilit J. Tumbocon.