Since its founding, the Philippine Constructors Association, Inc. has grown from a small group of individuals in the construction business to more than 1,500 members nationwide, undertaking 80% of government infrastructure projects.

Members of the Association are composed of engineering, building, trade and specialty contractors duly accredited by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB), including construction materials and equipment suppliers and distinguished personalities of the construction industry and other allied organizations.

Regular membership in the Association is open to firms duly organized under Philippine laws, actually engaged in the construction business, duly licensed as a construction contractor by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) or its successor, and which accept, ratify and agree to be bound by the Associations by-laws.

Associate membership is open to firms engaged in the business of manufacturing or supplying construction materials, supplies or equipment or of providing credit and guarantee facilities, underwriting insurance for the construction industry, or actually engaged as technicians performing allied or auxiliary services to the construction industry.

Chapter membership in the Association is open to regional or city associations, composed of individuals, partnerships and corporations licensed as construction contractors by the PCAB or its successor. Such associations may accept as their respective members individuals, partnerships or corporations supplying construction materials, supplies or equipment or providing allied services to the construction industry, provided that it shall have a minimum membership of twelve (12) construction contractors duly licensed by PCAB, and provided further that all such members accept, ratify and agree to be bound by the Associations by-laws and other rules and regulations.

Affiliate membership is open to associations or groups of suppliers of equipment, materials and/or services allied with the construction industry, duly organized under Philippine laws, that accept, ratify and agree to be bound by the Associations by-Laws and other rules and regulations.

Honorary membership in the Association may be conferred by the Board of Directors upon favourable recommendation by the Membership Committee and has performed an outstandingly meritorious service to the Association. Honorary membership shall be for a period of one (1) year unless otherwise re-conferred by the Board of Directors for a longer period.

As an organization concerned with promoting and protecting the interest of as well as furthering the construction industry, the PCA is recognized as its voice. As such, members are assured that all business concerns and problems confronting the construction industry are brought to the attention of the government for appropriate action. As the recognized representative of the construction industry, the PCA is represented in a number of government bodies tasked with policy formulation and implementation.

Annually, the PCA publishes and updates the directory of its members that contains profiles of member-companies. This is circulated among PCA members and distributed to relevant government agencies, foreign embassies in the Philippines and business organizations abroad. The directory is a valuable tool in promoting business and possible joint ventures between Filipino construction contractors and foreign counterparts.

The PCA regularly meets foreign businessmen and trace missions coming into the country. The PCA then missions coming into the country. The PCA then conducts one-on-one meetings or, if necessary, arrange a meeting with its members for the purpose of exploring possibility of tie-ups with these foreign businessmen.

The PCA, as a Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider, conducts seminars for professionals. It also regularly conducts skills training for construction industry workers in close coordination with the Technical Education Skills & Development Foundation (CMDF).

PCA is also the organizer of the biggest construction exhibition in the Philippines, the Philippine International Construction and Building Materials and Equipment Exhibition (PHILCONSTRUCT). This event allows its partakers to extend their reach from local to international business scenes.

The PCA has its own Golf Club, the membership of which is exclusive to PCA members. Company executives occasionally use golf courses as a venue to discuss and close business deals.

Through the PCA Newsletter & Circulars, members are provided with information on prequalification/ bid notices, be it government or private construction.

From time to time, PCA is being sought by the government to undertake government construction projects such as school buildings, roads, sewage and systems, etc. PCA then distributes these projects to its members.

The PCA newsletter offers a wide range of references on market and product profiles, foreign business and trade directions, company profiles, economic indicators, etc.

The PCA attends international conventions and conferences and organizes trace missions as well.

As a regular member of International Federation of Asian & Western Pacific Contractors’ Association (IFAWPCA), the PCA attends IFAWPCA Convention every eighteen months. Through this, members are given the privilege to attend and join committees in these conventions.

The PCA also holds the chairmanship and secretariat of the ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF) with most of the Asian countries as members.

It likewise holds a council meeting as a venue to report the status of the construction industry in the respective countries of the members and the possible business opportunities it may offer to other member-countries. These visits and bilateral exchanges are rich sources of contracts and possible joint ventures.

Membership in PCA committees is open to all members. Membership in various committees allows members to establish direct contacts with people involved in their individual areas of interest. It also gives members a unique hands-on experience in playing big roles in solving matters ensuing within the context and realities of construction business and politics.