The Philippine Constructors Association, Inc., is an organization of constructors consisting of Associates and Affiliates that upholds a conduct of integrity and quality standards in the construction industry. Since 1945, after the World War II, Filipino businessmen started combining their ventures and resources to rebuild our country and turned the Association to be the voice of the construction industry. Even through the early years, PCAs role in the industry is known for Prestige and Performance becoming more evident during times of crises. With the emerging trend of globalization, PCA stands firm on professional development and improvement of best practices for its members to strengthen its resolve to be globally competitive.

Message of the President

Greetings from the PCA.

The coming years will be exciting and challenging for the construction industry. With the present administrations Build Build Build Program, we welcome the optimism in calling the times "the golden age of infrastructure" . The governments budget of P8 trillion for the next 6 years for 75 flagship projects include railways, subways, highways and bridges all over the country - all of which are promising and will boost the countrys economy.

Exciting as it will be, the construction boom is foreseen to extend to another 7 to 8 years. Major as well as medium, and small players, suppliers and industry affiliates welcome our government spending initiative to spur economic activity, development, and growth.

With the influx of foreign contractors and equivalent transfer of new technology, it is up to us in the industry to face the challenges and show that we have the capacity to build and we have more than enough skilled technical and managerial manpower and expertise to compete with foreign contractors. We must show that we in the PCA are united and that we support the government’s infrastructure program.

Rest assured that PCA will keep track of all the projects to keep our members informed of the progress of the Build, Build, Build program.

Lastly, PCA is in close coordination and collaboration with the Senate and the House of Representatives in the formulation of a legislation for the 30-year infrastructure master plan that will sustain the socio-economic prosperity of the country.